What is a virtual tour?

Virtual tours are made up from a series of 360 degree pictures of a home or premises. These pictures are then stitched together using the latest computer software to make a 3D space the viewer can move through. 

Why Navigate 360?

Navigate 360 offers its clients a high quality virtual tour at cost effective prices. We have achieved this by using the latest technology to streamline our workflow. We can then pass this cost saving on to you.


Navigate 360 offers estate agents a fixed price all inclusive package.


All Navigate 360 tours are fully hosted, and MLS (Multi Listing Service) compatible. As a result Naviagte 360 tours have no 3rd party branding and each property has a dedicated web address.


For properties that return to market regularly, such as residential lettings, Navigate 360 tours can be deactivated and reactivated when needed. Saving additional time and money.


To find out more about the steps to producing Navigate 360 tours please see our Process page


How do virtual tours benefit an estate agent?

With the average UK property requiring 15 viewings to achieve a sale, this can be unsurprisingly costly and time consuming for both agent, vendor and buyer.


Although virtual tours enable the buyer to view the property from the comfort of their own home, they are not intended to replace the face to face contact with agents. Instead, virtual tours give the buyer the information they need to make an informed choice about the properties they visit. Virtual tours therefore enable buyers to narrow down their search to the properties they’re most interested in. Subsequently reducing unnecessary viewings and saving your agency time and money.


With a Navigate 360 tour on your property listing, when a buyer meets you at the property it’s actually their second viewing. This allows you to more easily establish the buyers level of interest and intention.


Through reducing unnecessary and costly on-site viewings, virtual tours enable you

to focus on buyers that have the most interest, subsequently increasing productivity and efficiency. This gives your agency more resources to close the deal and increase property sales.


Virtual tours also result in an improved buyer confidence, as studies have shown that over 75% of buyers are frustrated when properties do not match their expectations when using traditional listings. Buyers are therefore more likely to trust a virtual tour over a set of 2D images.


How do virtual tours benefit the vendor?

With a large proportion of viewings taking place in the evening and at weekends, unnecessary visits can be time consuming and costly for vendors. Virtual tours therefore reduce the disturbance and intrusion on the vendors daily lives. This can be particularly beneficial for those vendors with disabilities, are elderly or raising young families.


By reducing unnecessary viewings, virtual tours save the vendor time cleaning and preparing the property between viewings.


Virtual tours allow the vendor to showcase their property in the best possible light 24 hours a day. Navigate 360 tours subsequently opens up a vendors property to a much larger market. This is in contrast to traditional listings where buyers may overlook a property due to time and travel constraints.


How do virtual tours benefit the buyer?

Viewing properties can also be time consuming and costly for buyers. This can be particularly difficult for those traveling from further afield. With a Navigate 360 tour, buyers can arrange an on-site viewing with confidence.


Navigate 360 tours can be accessed any time from any location, including mobile web browsers. This can be particularly beneficial for buyers that struggle to view properties due to other commitments.


Virtual tours can be particularly useful for buyers with specific requirements, such as those with disabilities. Having Navigate 360 tours on your property listing allows buyers to assess whether a property meets their individual needs, such as any access issues.

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