Bring your products to life with interactive 360 photography


How would your business benefit from 360 Photography?

Despite the significant shift to online shopping, consumers still visit physical stores to see a product before making their purchase online (possibly with a competitor). This consumer behaviour has been named “showrooming” and highlights the importance of product interaction for consumers. Although this phenomenon is a concern for larger retailers, it raises a particular question for smaller or online only companies and how they can provide this level of interactive experience.


‘Retailers must continually apply new and increasingly sophisticated technology to improve their websites and mobile apps, showcasing products in such a way that makes shoppers comfortable buying products unseen.’ (Sandy Skrovan)


Online store

With 360 spin photography your customers can interact with your products online. They can look at the whole product, or part that interests them the most. Therefore, unlike traditional photos, Navigate 360 gives the control to your customers. Subsequently showcasing your products whilst giving a much greater appreciation of the quality of your business.


After shooting your product(s) Navigate 360 produces an interactive 360 photograph. This can be uploaded to your own server, or hosted on ours for you to access remotely. The 360 photos can then be embedded to your website for your customers to view online. How you embed 360 photos to your website depends on where your website is hosted, but most companies provide details on this. 


Social media

Social media is a crowded market place, and so grabbing attention is becoming increasingly difficult.  Video content on social media can therefore help drive greater brand engagement. 


Because 360 spin photography is not currently compatible with social media platforms, Navigate 360 can also provide MP4 (H264 format) videos. These can be added to your social media feeds, stories and galleries across most platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.